Jerry French’s Summer Sculpin

From the North 40 Fly Shop:

“North 40 Fly Shop employees held Jerry French hostage from fishing until he taught us how to tie his trout variation on his summer sculpin. Originally designed for summer steelhead and Alaskan rainbow trout. This sculpin is considerably smaller and darker colored then his steelhead variant. He also shares with us his unique way to create even and more consistent dubbing loops. The summer sculpin works great when swinging for brown and rainbow trout in the north western rivers.”

Shank 25mm
Small Dumbbell Eyes
Loop #50 Braid (You can use this Intruder Wire)
Micro Rabbit or Trimmed (Thinned) Zonker Strip
Red Polar Chenille
Grizzly Flutter Legs
Peacock Ice Dub
Green Barred Predator Wrap
Senyo’s Laser Dub
Regal Fly tying Vice
Loon Outdoors Gator Grip Fly Tying Dubbing Spinner
Loon Head Cement

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