CDC Caddis Dry Fly

I love this buggy caddis fly pattern by Andrew Herkes. All tied with CDC feathers. Andrew briefly said this about the fly.

“This fly and the tying style was pioneered by the legendary fly tyer Marc Petitjean. Using nothing more than Cul De Canard feathers and thread this imitation of an Adult Caddis Fly is an awesome dry fly. Great for grayling and trout on rivers or still water. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.”

Hook – Tiemco 9300 Size 12
Thread – UTC 70 Tan
Body – 1 large CDC feather dyed Latte
Under Wing – 2 natural dark grey CDC feathers
Over Wing – 2 natural dark brown CDC feathers
Hackle – 2 natural dark grey CDC feathers

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