Little Rock’n’Roller

Stefan Larsson or @wickedtrout on Instagram posted this little 18 fly which caught my attention. Here is what Stefan wrote in his post.

“Yeah, I know.
Doesn’t look like much.
But I can assure you.
That this unruly little guy.
Is a kick-ass rock’n’roller.”

Stefan is a fly fishing guide in Sweden. He also runs a fly shop there. His interests include being a fly tyer (obviously), hunting, playing bass guitar and writing articles on fly fishing. He also spends 3 to 4 weeks every year fly fishing in Montana.

He mentioned this fly saved the day more than once while trout fishing. Small, but mighty. This might be a fly to bring out the next time you encounter picky trout. See the materials list below.

Hook: Ahrex FW525 size18
Wing: CDC
Body: Hare’s ear dubbing
Tail: Krystal Flash – 2 strands lined up

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