Satkowski’s Plan B Hex

This is an awesome new Hex fly pattern from John Satkowski. You can follow John on Instagram here:

John wrote about this fly in a message to me.

“Lake Erie has a huge Hex hatch and you can catch fish at night during the hatch, but my fun begins on the river the next morning. All the dead and dying bugs are washing down the runs and the fish start feasting on the easy meals. It often is a mixed bag with smallies, white bass, sunfish, and even an occasional gar or sheephead being caught. The river comes alive and the fish know the dinner bell is ringing. I tied this fly to use as a hex imitation to use during these peak times when the fish are actively feeding. A straight drift or even small twitches will elicit great strikes from a variety of species.”

Hook: any dry fly hook, sizes 6-8
Tail: mono stem with a foam back and dub underneath, small dry hackle feather palmered evenly through segmenting the tail
Wing: bleached deer hair with 7-8 strands of glow in the dark krystal flash over deer hair
Hackle: furnace brown dry hackle sized to match hook
Rubber Legs for Legs and Tail Fibretts: black and yellow barred sili legs
Foam: Rainy’s fly foam, sized to match fly

**This fly can be tied to match any large to medium sized mayfly including Hendricksons, Hexes, Ephorons, and Drakes.

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