Mymfen Fly Tutorial

I have never came across this fly before, but I thought it was a really buggy fly that will fish well. It comes from a saltwater book, but I think this would make a great smallmouth bass fly.

Here is what Morten Hansen of Coastfly had to say about this fly pattern.

“This fly is called “mymfen” and originally it was developed for fishing from bellyboat. It was to be tied with a lot of nonlead wire in front to give a faster sinking fly so you Could fish this over deeper water from the bellyboat. I left out the added weight to be able to fish this on the coast as i am 100 percent sure it Will do great for that as Well! Swipe to see the original fly from the book “seatrout on the coast 2” .”

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Dragonfly Emerged

I was just think of doing some pond fishing and already had thoughts of dragonflies. Then I noticed this fly while browsing through some fly patterns. Very cool, realistic fly here. Should be killer on the water.

Video is by WHITEOPAQUE on YouTube.


Dry Fly Pattern
Carp Hook. #6
Sewing Thread 50D — I would use 140 tying thread. -Paul
Body. Foam 4mm
Ball Chain Eyes
Mixed Dubbing
Hen Feathers

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Southern Culture on the Fly – Issue 51

Issue 51 of S.C.O.F. magazine is out now!

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Brad Bohen and the Buford

An older video of Brad Bohen tying his Buford musky streamer. This is a great musky or pike fly and even if you don’t tie this exactly like Brad does, it is very effetive. If you are not familiar with the techniques shown here, just study them and you will notice them used in many other large streamers for musky or pike. Once you learn different techniques, you can begin experimenting and design your own large streamers.

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Catskill Fly Tying Stories-Honing the Craft 2024

I really enjoyed this short film by Frequent Flyers Fishing. Members of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, share their inspiring stories and accounts. Starring John Apgar, Dave Catizone, Tom Mason, John Shaner, John Bonasera & Seth Cavarretta.

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The Mission Fly Fishing eMagazine – Issue 45

The new issue of The Mission is out!

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Hope & High Water (full movie)

If you haven’t seen this little movie, you should do yourself a favor and kick back and enjoy it. It is a great trout movie that shows the trials and tribulations that we all go through fishing at times. Here is the excerpt from Wild Fly and Tight Loops.

“Hope And High Water” is the first collaborative effort from Wild Fly Productions and @TightLoops . It chronicles filmmakers Scottie, Aimee, and Chase’s quest to find one of the American West’s most iconic fish, the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, deep in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. With schedules aligned, locations set, and the perfect window for late summer fishing on the horizon, the crew embarks on what they hope will be a week long backcountry trip for the ages, but they quickly learn that the wild corners of the West are anything but predictable.

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CDC Caddis Dry Fly

I love this buggy caddis fly pattern by Andrew Herkes. All tied with CDC feathers. Andrew briefly said this about the fly.

“This fly and the tying style was pioneered by the legendary fly tyer Marc Petitjean. Using nothing more than Cul De Canard feathers and thread this imitation of an Adult Caddis Fly is an awesome dry fly. Great for grayling and trout on rivers or still water. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.”

Hook – Tiemco 9300 Size 12
Thread – UTC 70 Tan
Body – 1 large CDC feather dyed Latte
Under Wing – 2 natural dark grey CDC feathers
Over Wing – 2 natural dark brown CDC feathers
Hackle – 2 natural dark grey CDC feathers

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Satkowski’s Plan B Hex

This is an awesome new Hex fly pattern from John Satkowski. You can follow John on Instagram here:

John wrote about this fly in a message to me.

“Lake Erie has a huge Hex hatch and you can catch fish at night during the hatch, but my fun begins on the river the next morning. All the dead and dying bugs are washing down the runs and the fish start feasting on the easy meals. It often is a mixed bag with smallies, white bass, sunfish, and even an occasional gar or sheephead being caught. The river comes alive and the fish know the dinner bell is ringing. I tied this fly to use as a hex imitation to use during these peak times when the fish are actively feeding. A straight drift or even small twitches will elicit great strikes from a variety of species.”

Hook: any dry fly hook, sizes 6-8
Tail: mono stem with a foam back and dub underneath, small dry hackle feather palmered evenly through segmenting the tail
Wing: bleached deer hair with 7-8 strands of glow in the dark krystal flash over deer hair
Hackle: furnace brown dry hackle sized to match hook
Rubber Legs for Legs and Tail Fibretts: black and yellow barred sili legs
Foam: Rainy’s fly foam, sized to match fly

**This fly can be tied to match any large to medium sized mayfly including Hendricksons, Hexes, Ephorons, and Drakes.

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Jerry French’s Summer Sculpin

From the North 40 Fly Shop:

“North 40 Fly Shop employees held Jerry French hostage from fishing until he taught us how to tie his trout variation on his summer sculpin. Originally designed for summer steelhead and Alaskan rainbow trout. This sculpin is considerably smaller and darker colored then his steelhead variant. He also shares with us his unique way to create even and more consistent dubbing loops. The summer sculpin works great when swinging for brown and rainbow trout in the north western rivers.”

Shank 25mm
Small Dumbbell Eyes
Loop #50 Braid (You can use this Intruder Wire)
Micro Rabbit or Trimmed (Thinned) Zonker Strip
Red Polar Chenille
Grizzly Flutter Legs
Peacock Ice Dub
Green Barred Predator Wrap
Senyo’s Laser Dub
Regal Fly tying Vice
Loon Outdoors Gator Grip Fly Tying Dubbing Spinner
Loon Head Cement

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