My name is Paul and this is a blog dedicated to fly tying mostly. It will include some fly fishing of course as well. The original FrankenFly website was created way back in 2012, but I made a mistake and lost all of the data from the original website. So, I plan to restart fresh here.
If you enjoy flies, fly tying, and fly tyers, this is definitely the site for you.

As for a little about me, I am an avid fly tyer and fly fisherman. I am Community Manager for J. Stockard Fly Fishing and manage their pro team. I have been a part of various pro teams through the years and have had my flies printed in Fly Tyer Magazine. I have also been a signature fly tyer for Orvis and Rainy’s having my flies accepted and sold through them.

I’m a huge fan of fly tying in general and love all styles of flies, including classic and modern flies.

I live in a small town in Indiana and love to fly fish for all types of fish, but I most often fish for smallmouth bass and bluegill.