Warmouth species

Living Waters Fly Fishing posted this to their social media and I thought it was good informationa about a cool fish. Living Waters is located in central Texas. http://livingwatersflyfishing.com/

“Sometimes referred to as Goggle-eye Perch or Warmouth Bass, Warmouth are actually part of the sunfish family and often confused for Rock Bass or other Sunfish species like the Green and Redear Sunfish.

Adult Warmouth range in size from 4-10 inches, but with time in the right environment, they can get as large as 12 inches and weigh more than two pounds! Noticeable markings include 3-5 radial streaks emanating from the eye, red gill flaps, an elongated bass-like mouth, and a three-spined anal fin. Males will have an orange spot at the base of their dorsal fin and red eyes during spawning season.

Warmouth prefer to settle in deep, slow moving water with plenty of structure and are adapted to survive in low oxygenated and even polluted waters where other fish would not survive.”

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