Pink Squirrel Nymph

Shawn Holsinger of Holsinger’s Fly Shop shows us how to tie a Pink Squirrel Nymph originating from Wisconsin. I’ve heard of this one from friends in the Driftless area. It’s a popular fly there. Here is what Shawn mentioned about it.

“The Pink Squirrel Nymph is a pattern that has been around for years now and has been catching fish all that time. This is a simple pattern that’s easy to tie and checks off a lot of the boxes of things I look for in a nymph pattern. I like nymphs that are flashy with a hot spot, buggy, natural colors, and weighted. Fox Squirrel dubbing is one of my favorite materials to use because the guard hair make the flies so buggy. You can definitely change the color of the bead and the pink hot spot collar if you want. Also, don’t be afraid to tie this on a different style of hook. You could also tie this on a jig hook or a regular nymph style hook.”

Firehole 316 Size 12
Firehole Tungsten Beads, 3.0mm Sterling Silver
140 Denier UTC Thread Shell Pink
Krystal Flash Pearl
Ultra Wire Size Brassie Red
UV Tracer Squirrel Dub, Natural Fox Squirrel
HFS Hair Wing Material Pink

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