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I’ve admired Scott Biron’s fly tying for a long time. He primiraly ties Rangeley Streamers, but dabbles in other styles as well. They recently did a brief news video about him, so I thought it would be a good time to post about Scott’s tying. You can follow Scott on Instagram here:

My version of Carrie Stevens Supervisor streamer. The pattern was originated by Joseph Stickney of Maine. Tracing this flies history is fascinating as it has gone through a few changes. Originally it was tied with very pale colored feathers. Over time those colors became more vibrant. It would be very interesting to see which pattern is more effective. Tied using Ewingfeatherbirds saddles, Partridge G3AL 4/#6 and using my HMH TRV.

Fourth of July Streamer a Mike Martinek fly. Fun fly to tie and post. Tied on a Partridge Heritage Streamer Hook using Ewing Signature Series saddles. Ties using an HMH TRV.

Chief’s Ice Out one of my patterns inspired by the crew I had in class Saturday at Selene’s of Maines Fly Shop. They were a great group. Tied with Ewingfeatherbirds saddles the inner wings are light dun the outer is smokey grizzly. The shoulder is a real cool light gray guinea. Tied on a Partridge CS5 9X and on my HMH TRV.

Carrie Stevens Tomahawk Streamer. This is a very productive fly in the summer and in the fall. The peacock body feathers add some unique colors to this fly when it gets wet. Tied using Ewingfeatherbirds saddles and on a 2/0 Partridge Carrie Stevens hook 10x. Very strong Limerick Bend hook. Tied using my HMH TRV.

This fly pattern is one of several named Sunapee. Often tied as a tandem, here tied as a single. The wing is a light brown, however I’ve seen it tied with medium brown and a very light bronze color. I’ve been doing some research on the history of some of the older fly patterns used on the lake and many have this wing color.
Tied on a Partridge Heritage Streamer Hook #2 9X using Ewing Scott Biron Signature Series Saddles.

Orange Mother Streamer a Malcom Gidley pattern. Every once in a while you need something to shake things up. Tied on a Sprite S1800 #6 these are 4x long 1 x heavy hooks that can handle rough duty and are very very sharp. Tied with Ewingfeatherbirds yellow hen.

One Eyed Poacher a Bob Upham pattern tied on a Sprite #4 4X long S1800. A great early season casting salmon fly.

Allagash Lake Streamer Tandem. Often tied as a casting streamer on a 7 or 9x Hook. This tandem will be used this spring for large brook trout. Tied with Partridge Wet Fly Hooks #4 & #6 and using some of the Partridge Pro Rig Beads. These are excellent for tandems.

Water Witch a excellent Carrie Stevens pattern to fish with. Had loads of positive feedback from anglers using this pattern. Tied on a Partridge Heritage Streamer Hook using Ewingfeatherbirds saddles.

Chief Needahbeh Fly chief was a Penobscot and was the proprietor of Needahbeh’s Shack, a tackle shop at Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine. A Native American, he was also known as Chief Roland Nelson. Friendly with Ted Williams and as far as I can tell the late former game warden from NH Jessie Scott. This fly often stirs the fish up and is great for all species. Tied here using Ewingfeatherbirds saddles and a Partridge Heritage Streamer Hook.

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