Tying the Zoo Cougar with Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup shows us how to tie his Zoo Cougar streamer. Kelly always has good tips in his videos, so you definitely could pick up some knowledge watching and listening to him tie. His fly shop, The Slide Inn, posted the following.

“Watch Kelly tie the streamer that put his name on the map: The Zoo Cougar. This fly has no weight and is intended to be fished just below the surface of the water. The flat head, thick collar, and mallard flank wing make the Zoo Cougar incredibly light so that every current that touches it makes it flutter from side to side. It was designed to fish with a jerk-strip retrieve and is the single best producer for all sizes of trout that Kelly has ever produced.”

Hook: Dai-Riki 710 #2
Tail: Yellow Marabou
Body: Pearl Sparkle Braid
Under Wing: White Calf Tail
Wing: Wood Duck Gold Mallard Flank
Collar/Head: Yellow Deer Hair

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