Catskill March Brown – John Bonasera

John Bonasera, known as CatskillJohn on Instagram ties some amazing Catskill flies and has dove deep into their history. Since it’s March, I thought I would post a March Brown by John. Here is what John had to say about the fly.

“I love bugs and mayflies in particular, but there’s always one that you especially love. I have some fond memories of these floating downstream, never blanketing the water but just ramdom sightings. They also seem to be the friendliest of all mayflies, as I seem to always find one on my shirt. This one on an old Mustad 94831, orange thread like how Art Flick liked’em, and three hackle colors, ginger, brown and grizzly. Also, the heavily barred wood duck flank that closely imitates a march brown’s speckled wings. I know guys go nuts for Hendrickson’s, but to me, the March brown is “the” bug of the Catskills.”

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